Workplace Bullying, Violence, Harassment,
Discrimination and Stress:

International laws and developments

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Workplace Bullying, Violence, Harassment, Discrimination and Stress: International Laws, Developments, and Resources Paperback – April 26, 2015



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Workplace Bullying, Violence, Harassment, Discrimination and Stress: International Laws, Developments, and Resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is workplace bullying illegal in the United States?

Generally, it is not. At this time, state and federal laws do not cover workplace bullying. Anti-bullying laws, known as Healthy Workplace bills (HWB), have been introduced by 28 legislatures (26 States and 2 Territories).  Tennesse passed a Healthy Workplace Act in May 2014 designed to curb verbal abuse at work by making public-sector employers immune to bullying-related lawsuits if they adopt a policy that complies with the law. The law applies only to public-sector employers.  each year, more and more legislative support occurs for Healthy Workplace bills.

Helpful information may be found at: and
2014 WBI U.S. Workplace Bullying Survey


Q: I have a business overseas. Are there workplace bullying laws I must comply with?

Yes. Numerous countries in Europe, Canada, Australia,  and the Middle East have prohibited workplace bullying and harassment.

Q: I would like a checklist for workplace bullying and discrimination for a specific country. Is that available?

Yes. Please contact me for a legal or audit checklist for a specific country.  Also, if you would like a free generic workplace bullying checklist, contact me and I will email you one.

Q: Who should know about workplace bullying?

Many people--employers, supervsior, managers, human resource professionals, lawyers, insurers, employees and Union members should be aware and informed of workplace bullying requirements.


Q: Is the book suitable for use as a coursebook?

Yes! It was used as a coursebook for 'Workplace Bullying-Waiting on the World to Change' at the University of Iowa (Dubuque) in 2014 and will be again this winter.

Q: Do  you offer online training?
I am in the process of developing country specific online training for numerous countries with laws prohiiting workplace bullying.  I am also developing a webinar.

Q: Are you interested in feedback on the book? 

Absolutely. Please contact me with any comments, suggestions, case studies, or personal stories you wish to share. I will attempt to respond to all comments.  Any information on workplace bullying developments is always appreciated.

Q. When is the book updated?
The book is updated annually.

I continually welcome news of new laws and developments in the workplace bullying, violence, harassment, discrimination and stress fields anywhere in the world, so please contact me!